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So, what do you do? If you live in a major metro area, the whole thing is compounded by the fact that you likely get jabbered at by sales reps from a few different yellow pages companies who all have books in the same area, and who all have online business directory products as well.

The best approach here is to focus on what you need. You need for people who are looking for your type of business to be able to find you, and you want herds of them. Sales reps try to get you to mentally equate their quantity numbers with the idea that those quantity numbers will directly equate with you getting large quantities of business.

The trouble is that the quantity numbers they may be using might not have a direct correlation with the quantity numbers you need. Even if they had more ads, all that means is that the particular company sold more ads than the other—not that more people actually would see those ads, necessarily.

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Many online internet yellow pages companies use similar tricks, unfortunately. What you really need to know is: which IYP sites have the most traffic for the type of business in your area? In many cases, you may not find free independent data on the relative market share for the yellow pages sites providing info for your region. Very generally speaking, the yellow pages associated with the major telephone services provider for your area will likely have the most users in your area. So, if your business is located in this region you might reasonably figure that more of your consumers will likely be using Dex Knows than other IYPs, and if your business is outside of that region, your audience might not have a clue as to what Dex Knows is.

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It introduced a dilemma familiar to the newspaper industry: transitioning online cannibalized the more lucrative print business. Some executives instructed their sales staffs to prioritize selling print ads, or failed to introduce an option to buy online ads independent of print ads. Other companies scanned their print ads instead of making originals for the net.

After a great, century-long run, the yellow pages industry faced obsolescence. If the yellow pages are a fossil from the Jurassic Era, then AOL dialup dates back to the age of mammoths and neanderthals. Graphic via Wikimedia. When the yellow pages company Idearc declared bankruptcy in , it was one of three to do so.

But then a funny thing happened. Like its peers, Idearc filed for a special case of bankruptcy called chapter 11, which helps companies deeply in debt reorganize and pay back their creditors over time. The company did not need loans; it simply could not pay the debts it had amassed during its heyday due to the recession and the decline of the yellow pages industry. Once it agreed with its lenders to reduce its debts, Idearc emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy as a viable company.

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Incredibly, despite the rise of competitors, revenues from yellow pages directories kept rising until The directories are still highly used in rural areas where Internet access is limited or the transition online has been slow. For the same reason, the yellow pages reach many low-income customers. A majority of seniors also use the yellow pages.

Seniors have disposable income, they are set in their ways, and although many scrimp and save, they have expensive needs like home repair and healthcare. The yellow pages even serve a niche among non-laggards for finding services like local home repair. In , for example, Andrew Shotland posted the following on a search engine optimization website:. My name is Andrew Shotland and I am a print yellow pages user. But, then, a main water pipe to the house started to leak and flooded my lawn. When he needed a plumber, Shotland turned to the yellow pages. Many tech-savvy people do the same.

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A survey conducted by the Local Search Association found that while search engines dominate for services like hotels, restaurants, and real estate, equal numbers of customers turn to the print yellow pages to find plumbers, electricians, and roofers. The result is that many local businesses continue to advertise in the yellow pages. Those businesses could be making a mistake.

With the yellow pages industry in decline, phone companies have sold off their directory businesses. But they have found eager buyers in private equity and hedge funds, whose executives want the steady stream of cash that small businesses pay the yellow pages every year. When Idearc emerged from bankruptcy, a hedge fund became its largest shareholder. Why is the world of finance interested in yellow pages?

Analysts at the time speculated that Cerberus was essentially interested in milking the yellow pages for every last drop of profitability. When yellow pages companies launched digital versions of their directories, they faced a daunting challenge. But they had a few strong assets to build on.

The yellow pages was a strong brand with a large customer base interested in buying.