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The Business Journals is the online media division of American City Business Journals which operates websites for each of the company's 40 print business journals, as well as its first web-only local business news and information site for Los Angeles, California.

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The site contains local business news from around the nation, updated throughout the day, along with an archive that contains more than 2 million business news articles published since The Business Journals' sites have more than four million unique visitors each month. The Business Journal's Forty Under 40 is an annual list compiled and published by the Business Journal newspapers since The 40 are usually nominated from within individual areas in range of the local business journal's publication.

The Business Journal's Best Places to Work ranks top businesses in local areas for best employee experience. Rankings are determined based on surveys uncovering such variables as leadership, corporate culture, and communications. Some variation exists between different cities. For example, Minneapolis-St. Paul recognized 59 companies and 4 individuals in , [20] whereas Los Angeles will honor its top in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American newspaper chain. Acquired in with purchase of Scripps Howard Business Journals. In Mason sold the newspaper to ACBJ, though he continued to write a regular column for more than a decade after that. In the newspaper announced that it was moving to Westheimer Road effective November 5, Co-founded by Michael K. Russell and William Worley in August Acquired in with purchase of Scripps Howard Business Journals [4].

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Archived from the original on April 25, Retrieved June 22, January 20, United States portal Companies portal Journalism portal. Advance Publications. Add a few sports publications and Bizwomen, and you have a very strong media brand. His sports background leads to a discussion about his beloved Carolina Panthers and his heartbreak over their recent Super Bowl loss—yes, he was there. But the idea was to learn what makes this new Connectiv member company so successful, how print can still be valued yet digital-first made clear, and hearing about the pomp and circumstances of managing 43 business journals from Honolulu to Albany and Jacksonville to Portland.

Fortunately for us, he spoke on the record last week. Connectiv: Looking at The Business Journals website , the quality of the content is clearly very high. It must be a priority. He took early retirement at 55, and was literally on an airplane from New York to Charlotte to visit the founder of ACBJ [the next day]. His background was as a small-town journalist and then with Associated Press and Wall Street Journal.

Our culture and everything starts with content. The challenge is having so many properties in so many markets spread out across the country. It constantly requires communication between editors, publishers, and ad directors to keep everything on track. Connectiv: But you knew what you were getting into. Shaw: [I recall] our attorney looking at each of us across the table during the deal, and telling us that managing this company will be like holding a lapful of puppies.

It really is like that; you try to herd everybody, recognize and celebrate individuality and get everyone moving in the same direction.

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Connectiv: Having the right people in place must be a big factor. You trust the publisher, editor and ad director to run it. If we need to change course, we change course. Are they connected to the C-suite of major companies in the market? Do they see them on a relatively frequent basis? Do they see them attending charity events in the community? Relationships are a critical part of the formula.

Connectiv: I believe all of your business journals still print. How do you balance that in this age of digital? Shaw: Print is still an important part of our business; it is also a challenging part of our business. Print still has its purpose; we use print now to try to provide depth to breaking news, to provide information in a longer form that will help people grow their business and their careers. It is still critical in that regard. We moved newsrooms and started talking to all the editors—that you have to think digitally first.

You have to be willing to break news on social, online, twitter etc. Connectiv: How has your revenue mix changed the last few years? The biggest driver has been our events business. It becomes more important not just as print advertising continues to shift, but as the dynamics of digital advertising change as well.

I get really excited when I see a market where half of their revenue is non-print related and growing rapidly. That can turn into revenue streams for us. Connectiv: How do your business journals share with each other? There are both formal and informal ways we do that.

I see that you added a few veterans in the workplace and had three or four sponsors. How did you do it? Connectiv: How about for the content side? Have you found this to be true as well? Like many, we were comfortable for a long time having those silos, bunkers, so that communication was more controlled and channeled than it is now.

It has become a much more collaborative effort. One specific example—a reporter in Nashville put together Crane Watch, an interactive map that shows the development going on in the city. You can click on a part of the map and see a high-rise going up that connects with articles and information with events around there. I grew up in newsrooms where there was a wall between editorial and advertising. Connectiv: Where are you in the data world? Connectiv: Times have changed.

Shaw: Life was really simple when we published a weekly newspaper in 40 cities. Connectiv: Even more reason to be proud of your success. Shaw: You have to spend significantly more time with your people, explaining to them what it all means. People in the media business—whether for 40 years or 40 days—they read headlines. If not, you're missing out on daily strategies, tips, profiles and case studies that can build your audience and increase revenue. To sign up, please contact Nevena Jovanovic.

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