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The crime rate in Oklahoma includes 17, violent crimes, , property crimes, murders. If you are in contact with people you don't know anything about specially those you plan to bring into your home or family you should do a background check to be safe.

Oklahoma Background checks are a valuable way to protect yourself and your family. You can do a free background check by doing the work yourself and going to courts and law enforcement and researching the database or you can run an online background check form the convenience of your computer.

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Oklahoma open record act was las ammended in and it provides for consumers to request criminal background checks. There are two forms of criminal history checks available to the public, name based searches where you need to provide the name and date of birth, of course if you have aliases, SSN or other information then you are going to get more accurate and better results.

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Many employers and housing managers screen applicants by conducting a Criminal History Records Check. Find out how to obtain a criminal history records check. You may be able to correct OSBI records or be eligible for an expungement of the records.

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Content Detail. OSBI's list of common questions and answers about expunging criminal records.

In some cases you can provide certified documents of the court proceedings to update your criminal records with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investication OSBI. Knowing what your criminal history report shows may help you address those concerns with potential employers or landlords.

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