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David Cohen fits the behavioral and psychological profile of Jack the Ripper almost perfectly. Cohen reportedly exhibited violent, destructive tendencies while at the asylum and had to be restrained at all times. Moreover, consistent with the traits of a disorganized killer, David Cohen was virtually non-communicative. As noted by author and Ripper historian Martin Fido, David Cohen is the only insane Polish Jew who was committed to an asylum at the right time for the murders to stop as they did, and the only registered lunatic pauper admitted to Colney Hatch between and that fits the suspect described by Scotland Yard.

Providing additional support, the retired, legendary FBI profiler John Douglas has also concluded that David Cohen fits the profile of the Ripper and is the most likely suspect. Although we will never be able to definitively prove it, I believe there is significant evidence that Jack the Ripper was a homicidal lunatic known only as David Cohen who died in an asylum in Scott Bonn is a criminologist , professor, media analyst and best-selling author.

How did the Scotland yard come to the conclusion that Jack the ripper was a polish Jew? Would it be far fetched to imagine that prejudice played a part in this conjecture? Yes, I believe there is substance to your argument. Whitechapel was a hotbed of prejudice against Jews at the time. However, there was evidence to support this theory at the time.

Anybody who has ever studied the Ripper knows your "Mr. Cohen" is Aaron Kosminsky--why did you give him a fake name? It's not like he's going to sue you. Also, the DNA test reported to match one of the Ripper victims and Kosminsky has since been debunked because of scientific mistake. So the myths of the Ripper in a top-hat and cape aren't accurate How would they come to the conclusion that he was a Jew? Also, do you know how David Cohen was admitted to the asylum eventually? This is a very convincing theory. I went on a 'Jack the Ripper' tour around Whitechapel while in London and saw the exact spots his victims were found.

Very strange and iconic case; I was happy to read your take on it! This same terminology and residence in the same nuthouse is used to describe Aaron Kosminski.

Is it possible that David Cohen was a deliberate fake name and that it is really Kosminski who is referred to? Kosminski died in , not , however. I am not entirely convinced. One thing bothers me, and that is that this man was allegedly non-communicative and adjudged insane. So I'm guessing he didn't hold a regular, stable job. So probably little to no money. And yet, each of these women were prostitutes.

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So why would any of these women go with a man who had no money and was non-communicative? Or is the suggestion that he was not actually "with" any of these women, even by pretense Good question. It is believed that most of these women were "blitz attacked" from behind and had their throats slashed, so in most cases there was no communication. Police believed that this must have been the killer.

Who Was Jack the Ripper?

Elizabeth Stride was witnessed having a friendly conversation with a male by several people, including a policeman the male had even bought her grapes before Israel Schwartz witnessed Elizabeth Stride being pulled into the yard in Berner Street where she was killed, grape stalks still in hand. Catherine Eddowes was noticed by 3 witnesses talking and laughing with a man in the entrance of Church Passage, Mitre Square she had her hand resting on his chest in a friendly manner as they chatted just 10 minutes before her body was discovered in Mitre Square.

Two of the witnesses, Joseph Lawende and Joseph Levy, gave testimony to this at her inquest. I thought that the coroner and police believed the bruises on the victims' throats were from "Jack" pinning one hand against their necks from the front while slashing with the other hand.

Jack the Ripper - History, Victims, Letters, Suspects.

I read Martin Fido's book, in which he named David Cohen, almost 30 years ago. I wasn't convinced then and am still not convinced. He then realised that Kosminski couldn't possibly be the ripper due to the length of time which had elapsed since the murder of Mary Kelly. Like all of his other victims, there were no signs of resistance, and no one heard her cry out. At least three of his victims were found with internal organs removed, a detail that drove the sensationalist press of the day into a frenzy.

A wave of panic spread across the whole East End of London. Public fascination spiked after September 27, , when both the Central News Agency and the police received a letter claiming to be from the killer. Hundreds of other letters followed, most of which were confirmed hoaxes. In October George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, a volunteer police force, received a small box in the mail.

Inside it was a letter—and half a human kidney. Thomas Horrocks Openshaw of the London Pathological Museum examined the organ and identified it as a portion of a human left kidney. The news caused a sensation in the press: Catherine Eddowes found on September 30 had had her left kidney removed. The press also reported unsubstantiated rumors that it showed damage from excessive drinking, a behavior attributed to Eddowes in life. Following the discovery of the body of Mary Jane Kelly in November, physician Thomas Bond was invited to perform an autopsy on her remains.

His report makes for stomach-churning reading, even today. In the course of his grim task, Bond noted similarities with the four previous deaths. Bond also attempted to understand the psychology of the killer, an early exercise in criminal profiling.

The Childhood of Jack the Ripper

At the time of the murders, the police investigation centered on local characters. Francis Tumblety was an American-born quack doctor who possessed a collection of human organs and, it was reported, detested prostitutes. Montague John Druitt, who was from a wealthy background but had fallen on hard times, was regarded as sexually deviant. Seweryn Klosowski was a known poisoner, but not, so far as anyone knew, a stabber and mutilator. Unrelated to this police inquiry was the career of another poisoner, Thomas Neill Cream, who killed young prostitutes in the nearby borough of Lambeth by giving them strychnine-laced drinks.

The fact that Whitechapel was home to many Jews—and that two of the early suspects, Pizer and Kosminski, were Jews—fueled anti-Semitic feelings at the time.

Who Was Jack The Ripper?

Pizer was suspected of being an unidentified and malevolent prowler, nicknamed Leather Apron by the press. Following the murder of Catherine Eddowes on September 30, police found a message scrawled in chalk above where her bloodstained apron was found. There are various versions recorded by the police as to what exactly was written there. The cases against the early suspects fell apart, either because of a lack of evidence or because suspects had solid alibis.

The police force came under increasing attack in the press, eventually leading to the resignation of the Scotland Yard chief, Sir Charles Warren. The new lead investigator, Melville Macnaghten, was popular with the public, but even he did not solve the crime. As the Ripper case remained open, an industry sprung up around it. Jack the Ripper has been the subject of more than a hundred nonfiction books, dozens of novels, several television series, and more than 20 films. Ripperologists have assembled a varied line-up of suspects, which seems to keep growing.

More than books about the case have been published, many of which offer conjectures as to the true identity of the murderer and the circumstances surrounding the crimes—including that the murders were part of an occult or Masonic plot and that the police were covering up for highly placed culprits, perhaps even members of the royal family. Many of these books, however, are based on fraudulent claims and documents.

The most commonly cited suspects are Montague Druitt, a barrister and teacher with an interest in surgery who was said to be insane and who disappeared after the final murders and was later found dead; Michael Ostrog, a Russian criminal and physician who had been placed in an asylum because of his homicidal tendencies; and Aaron Kosminski, a Polish Jew and a resident of Whitechapel who was known to have a great animus toward women particularly prostitutes and who was hospitalized in an asylum several months after the last murder.

Several notable Londoners of the era, such as the painter Walter Sickert and the physician Sir William Gull , also have been subjects of such speculation.

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