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I don't understand how it could be done I know there definitely has to be some special service you order from your phone company I guess? Anyone know. Originally Posted by GroveStreetNetworks.

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Interesting, I just called bellsouth GroveStreetNetworks, What do you mean when you say "Unless they go through the phone company i dont think theres a way it can be traced back to you" Like a special service you order from the phone company enabling you top trace such numbers? Is that what you meant? I searched and there is no such service.

I'm going to google this again I'll google more throughly this time. Anything that goes over a phone line or through a satellite can be traced if someone really wanted to.

It cannot be traced Originally Posted by Frosty. Recently there have been bomb threats phoned into schools here and the pranksters got caught by the phone company. So unless a call was threatening the phone company probably won't let you know who called. What i mean by " them going through the phone company" would be someone getting a court order for the phone compan to release the records of the phoneline that recived the calls.

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If you call a party that has access to that, which includes calls to , sometimes to law enforcement agencies directly, and usually to toll free or numbers, they'll have your ANI Also even when CNID is "disabled" it's still given to the switches throughout the system, but with a privacy bit enabled to keep it from being visible to the person you're calling.

So phone companies can trace calls because they have both that data and the ANI. So how useful that is depends on which side of the call you are. I am not sure how and I did ask but I got pushed around on the phone for about 20 minutes and gave up. Join Date Dec Posts I had an account with Virgin Mobile, one of those pay as you go cell phone accounts. I could go on line and log into my account and view the numbers for all incoming and out going calls.

All the incoming calls that said "private" on the phone had the number listed in my account. Most of those were still untracable because they were cell numbers. But I could call them back if i wanted to.

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I am not sure how. Join Date Dec Location chica go go Posts 11, Join Date Sep Posts 1, Here is how I do that If I want to find out a number of someone who is calling me. Now it would be obvious if you were giving them the number that you are wanting their number if they knew what was going on , but if you simply forward calls from your regular number as i said above then no one will really know the difference. Well, i see this concept similar to the rumor where somone can find your position on the planet using the direct connect AIM function.

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