Cannot change the activeconnection property of a recordset object

CreateParameter " bookingid", adInteger, adParamInput.

Cannot change the ActiveConnection property of a recordset object | PC Review

Recordset" rsCr. How do I make this work? Ian Warburton. Ian Warburton Ian Warburton 6, 15 15 gold badges 62 62 silver badges bronze badges. This page: msdn. It also says the activeconnection parameter is optional.

Disconnected RS not working even after following instructions

So in short, try not passing db into rsCr. McDermaid Oct 31 '16 at Yes, your suggestion works.

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I thought I'd tried that actually, guess not! The link also says, "If you pass a Command object in the Source argument and also pass an ActiveConnection argument, an error occurs. Thanks for returning with a solution. Why don't you add it as an answer and accept it.

I thought I'd give you chance to claim the glory. Its your solution. The ActiveConnection property of the Command object must already be set to a valid Connection object or connection string So in short, try not passing db into rsCr. Something like this: rsCr. Ansgar Wiechers k 15 15 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

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Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The default is adLockReadOnly. Options The optional Options parameter tells the provider how to evaluate the Source parameter when it contains something other than a Command object.

01 Visual Basic 6.0 Project Traning ADODB Connection; Recordset in Module - Hindi

The appropriate use of this option can speed up performance since ADO will not have to determine the type of the data source. Recordset" Set objRecordset. Open "GuruChants", , , , adCmdTable. Code: objRecordset.

Working with Recordset Objects

A dynamic cursor with both forward and backward scrolling where additions, deletions, insertions, and updates made by other users are visible. Default, a forward scrolling only, static cursor where changes made by other users are not visible. A keyset cursor allows you to see dynamic changes to a specific group of records but you cannot see new records added by other users.

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  5. A static cursor allowing forward and backward scrolling of a fixed, unchangeable set of records.