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Jamie Kempfer. Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness. Nick Riggin. Max Power Performance. Willis Small. Daniella Maldonado. Charis Cook. Brian Handlos. Class Instructors:. Joey Gutierrez. Brittany Hughes.

Jamie Kuttenkuler. Joe believes that the body and mind are interconnected and that in order to be the best version of ourselves it is necessary to nurture and challenge our bodies to improve not only physically, but mentally as well. He is passionate about fitness and nutrition and sees them both as limitless avenues of learning, growing, improving and reconnecting with ourselves.

Joe understands from first-hand experience how difficult it can be to change the trajectory of an unhealthy, unsustainable way of living and strives to instill tools that can help anyone who is struggling to get where they want to be. He has experience training people from all walks of life, varying ages, fitness levels, goals and obstacles.

He is constantly learning new strategies, techniques and deepening his understanding to be the most knowledgeable, effective trainer he can be. He is kind, compassionate, patient and driven to uphold the standard that he knows the people who he works with deserve. At the ripe age of seven, Sam was enrolled in gymnastics and continued on up until graduating high school. Throughout that time, Sam experienced multiple injuries at his ankles and at his neck.

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He never healed from those injuries properly, and kept experiencing the same nagging aches and pains. Frustrated, he started looking for answers. Sam started working in a physical therapy clinic where he gained experience working with patients who were also frustrated with their nagging aches and pains.

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While he learned a lot, he and the patients he was working with still had many questions that were not being answered. So Sam took on another role, this time in a chiropractor's office where he gained more knowledge and experience about guiding people towards better health and wellness. Both require a strategic and specific progression of training stress. The only difference between the two is the starting place of the individual.

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He uses the principles of RTS and muscle activation techniques MAT to help empower and educate individuals about just how resilient and adaptable the human body is, regardless of where you are starting at. Personal Training Pricing Structure. Back to the Top. Personal Training Sessions Build your own training packages with solo, buddy and small group sessions. Introductory Training Package New to personal training? Take advantage of our Introductory Training Package! Get Moving with Our Personal Trainers. My favorite clients are those who are motivated, hard-working and already understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

If you need to be coaxed, begged or bribed to work hard, I am not the trainer for you! BS, physical education Univ. Accepting new clients!

Getting fit is easier than you think.

View Chris' Bio Fitness should be rewarding in all aspects of your life, and my goal is to help you get there. View Tanner's Bio I believe that fitness should not be viewed as a means to any certain end but as cornerstone of wellbeing in all aspects of life. My goal is to guide you through your own personal fitness journey using safe, effective and, most importantly, enjoyable workouts that will enrich your view on fitness as a whole.

View Chris' Bio It is a privilege to be able to assist people in achieving their fitness goals.

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When you work with me, we will set up goals for you and then create a plan on how to get there. I understand people are in different places in their journey, which is why all of my training programs are personalized to fit you and your goals.

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View Chris' Bio When it comes to training clients, I enjoy teaching and the relationships that you build. I try to approach every client with honesty and a motivational push.

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View Nico's Bio Fitness can be the stepping stone to introduce positive change in your life. Achieving your goals, and seeing and feeling progress can lead you to try out new things and be positive in other aspects of life.

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  • View Jake's Bio I want to help people create positive change and achieve their fitness goals while living an active and healthy lifestyle. I take a functional and progressive approach to training focused on developing foundational movement to encourage a pain-free, challenging and effective workout that targets every aspect of your fitness. View Eric's Bio I am a cycling fanatic and very excited to help you become stronger, faster and more passionate about cycling.

    I train younger athletes as well as those that have reached their middle ages. My clients inspire me to work harder and keep me creating fun an engaging workouts! New at DU: Nutrition Consultation Begin your journey to a better life with the help of our certified nutritionist. Meet Our Nutritionist.

    Gina Vega Registered Dietitian.