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My philosophy is that your abuse is not who you are but a challenge you will over come! My approach to therapy is with the underlying assumption that everyone is doing the best they can. Life is constantly changing, thus creating anxiety provoking situations in our daily lives. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, loss of employment, or divorce, counseling can help.

I offer a non-judgmental approach to coun. Life can bring challenges that are difficult to accept and face alone.

Whether you are suffering from depression due to the loss of a loved one, an unsupportive relationship, parenting difficulties, andor other life challengestransitions, I believe we all can find our own best solutions within a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. I strive to. Therapy can be more than a one-sided conversation between a therapist and client. It can be about engaging in conversation and working together toward the life goals you want to achieve. Just as all people have their own personalities, so d.

Marriage and relationship counselors and therapists in Edmond can help address or resolve a variety of issues involving romantic partners. Couples counselors may suggest exercises, either in session or to take home, as well as other tools and resources that can help partners develop more productive, loving ways of relating to one another.

However, not all relationship counseling is about resolving problems. Many couples seek therapy in Edmond simply to learn skills and strategies that may help them prevent relationship problems, misunderstandings, and conflict in the future. Premarital counseling is specifically designed to help couples enter marriage with open eyes and address potential areas of conflict before they become serious issues. Some therapists also specialize in nontraditional relationship structures such as polyamory or ethical nonmonogamy.

Some conflict in relationships is normal and healthy.

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However, if you and your partner frequently experience problems that linger for days or longer without resolution, consider contacting a therapist in our directory. Research suggests that relationships characterized by criticism, resentment, contempt, and stonewalling are far more likely to end in breakup, but effective couples counseling can work to repair the damage. For your convenience, the carefully screened therapists listed above—all of whom specialize in marriage and relationship counseling—practice in Edmond. They are trained and ethically bound to protect your confidentiality and privacy.

If cost is a concern, ask about insurance, sliding-scale fees, payment plans, and other options. Many therapists are driven by a desire to help, no matter the obstacles. Are you a therapist or mental health professional looking for innovative ways to market your practice and get referrals in Edmond?

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  • Free & Affordable Counseling in Oklahoma City, OK - Free Marriage Counseling in Oklahoma City, OK!

Keeping up with continuing education requirements, increasing your online presence, and being associated with the most trusted resource in mental health are just three of many reasons to join GoodTherapy. Start connecting with clients today! Get Listed Login. Get Help Learn About. Oklahoma City, OK. Edmond, Oklahoma In my practice I seek to provide a safe and supportive therapeutic environment for helping people to look honestly at themselves and explore their pain and distress. My approach to therapy is holistic and focused on increasing an overall sense of Email Me Verified Edmond, Distance:0 miles.

Edmond, OK Many people, particularly those in the second half of life, need help dealing with mental health concerns such as depression, grief, anxiety, relationship challenges, and mood disorders. I also work with adults facing complex and severe mental health challenges, including those facing challenges with per Email Me Verified Edmond, Distance:0 miles. Edmond, OK I utilize a psychodynamic approach with individuals and couples who are wanting to better understand themselves and their relationship with spouses, family, and coworkers.

My goal is to provide coping skills when experiencing loss, grief, lif Email Me Verified Edmond, Distance:0 miles. Jeff Fine-Thomas M. Oklahoma City, OK The type of therapy I provide is often called psychodynamic psychotherapy or contemporary psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

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Sabrina Gharib M. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Addison, Texas I am inquisitive and empathetic, warm and interactive. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I believe that everyone can find joy and fulfillment in their life, no matter what situation you may currently find yourself in. I am honored each day to walk along side individuals who choose to therapuetically journey through the path of overcoming life stressors. Stressors can come in the form of experiencing conflict in relationships with family, couples, marital and peer groups, as well as grief, trauma and suffering from posttraumatic stress. Stress can also manifest itself when working to maintain a healthy recovery plan that addresses certain medical conditions of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Through individual, family, teen, couples, and group counseling, our hope is that each person will come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and find new avenues of self discovery. Making positive changes takes courage, and I offer support and direction as you implement changes you want to make in your life.

I provide a safe place for you to share your concerns and process your thoughts. If you're feeling overwhelmed but seeking help, you're in a good place. Pain is a strong catalyst for change. My focus is to help you reach your goals and, ultimately, to flourish. We are dedicated to ethical, effective and affordable services. We are committed to three principle: Compassion, Collaboration and Co-creation.

We will position ourselves as partners and stand beside you as we explore the challenges and hardships that you have experienced. We will respect and honor your feelings and thoughts, as we develop new understandings and preferred ways of living and relating. Together we will create new perspectives, more effective skills and new self-knowledge and self-respect. I will be glad to be of service to you and work with you.

Does it feel like no one understands you? Do you feel like you are in constant turmoil? Did you experience a traumatic event that you struggle to move forward with? Do you have a disability that affects you? Are you working towards reunification with your children? You aren't alone. Many of the individuals, couples, and families I work with feel this way.

Finding someone you can confide in is difficult. By creating a safe environment, together we can explore problems and develop strategies for your personal revolution. I believe you have the knowledge and skills to move forward and my job is to help you discover your personal power and how to use it. My eclectic, person-centered approach means your experience is specific to your needs. I see the client as a unique individual, and I purpose to meet them wherever they are at.

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This is called Client Centered Therapy. I enjoy working with Adults, Couples, and teens. When facing insurmountable challenges to your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health, choosing a therapist can definitely impact the outcome. As a clinically trained licensed professional counselor; mental health assessments, individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, couples therapy and case management services are available to provide the support toward the transformation most beneficial to you and your family.

I am dually licensed to assist with issues dealing in Mental Health, as well as Substance Abuse. I also help people dealing with issues with improving family interaction, copings skills and making life style changes ". I offer evening and weekend appointments with a casual atmosphere and artistic flare. Life brings about new challenges that offer a chance to look at ourselves from a new perspective.

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If you are struggling through a difficult stage of life I challenge you to take time for yourself and your personal development. I have significant experience assisting individuals, couples, and families through uncomfortable and often painful times. The complexity and diversity of the human condition is fascinating and the result of the therapeutic process can be both rewarding and empowering. Refine Results Family Therapy. Types of Therapy. Online Therapy. Online Counseling. See Nearest. Psychiatrists Treatment Centers Support Groups. Refine Results.

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