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Note the lot size could affect the final assessed value. Documentation Write a letter explaining why you are appealing your appraisal.

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Like a court case, include exhibits with facts, figures and pictures. Label the exhibits and refer to them in your letter. The more documentation you have the better.

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  • Appeal of Assessment Form download here. Eventually, the Staff Appraiser reviews the property value and any owner concerns mentioned in the letter of appeal. The BOA reviews the appeal, renders a decision, and notifies the property owner in writing within days.

    If you agree, that value will be valid for one year and the process stops here. You can disagree and select to take it to the BOE. Take notes and address each item they present. Make 5 copies of all the documentation you have. This shows them you are prepared, organized, have done your diligence, and have approached this in an objective manner.

    Walk them through the differences in the properties and the costs that would be required to get your property up to the value of the comps provided by the BOA. Once you have finished, if they believe you have made a case they may begin to negotiate with you on a compromised value.

    If the latter is the case, you can ask to stay for their deliberation so that you can hear their thoughts.

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    However, you cannot speak during this time. If you take it to the BOE, the property value that comes out of that proceeding will last for 3 years.

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    • June 2015 – How To Appeal Your DeKalb County Property Value Assessment?
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    • If it goes to the BOE, it will be a year before everything is said and done. The final assessed value will be retroactive to the Digest Year. These appointees are required to have at least a high school diploma, own real property in DeKalb County, and must complete at least 40 hours of certified training before they can serve on the Board of Equalization.

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      Once a year, these board members must also complete 8 hours of continuous education training. The Board is charged by the O. This was after I lost my first two rounds. Tip: When your in the B. Do your homework and use the Counties info on sales web site info against them.

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      They have the head guy for the county admitting the process is flawed. Three years ago I appealed and researched my argument thoroughly including pictures, documentation, history, etc. On the day of the appeal it was easy to see that the decision had been made before I stepped one foot in the room. This process is misleading and erroneous. The same for my any of my neighbors. Thank you for the enlightening feedback, that is quite disheartening.

      Were you given a chance to present your case? Did they tell you why they ruled against you? Yes, we had a hearing. Several of my neighbors were scheduled the same day.

      I attempted to present my case, which was sent to them prior. It was easy to see that they were not interested. In fact the woman in charge said to the clerk, tell her the decision.

      Property title records in DeKalb County Illinois - AFX

      It had already been decided. They did say we could appeal and that my taxes would not change for the following two years, which is true. This is the third year following and taxes have increased dramatically. I have no children of school age. They would not say how they determined the outcome. I really did have a powerful case. It was comical and scary — all at the same time! It sounds like the process is a little fairer than in years past.

      Welcome to the Cobb County Board of Tax Assessors Website

      I would encourage everyone to at least try. As a Realtor, please email me if you need help getting comparable sales from within a one-mile radius of your home. Hello, thank you for your very informative post. My wife and I purchased a home in DeKalb on We applied for homestead.

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      Email Address. Please be advised that the properties shown on the following list are scheduled for a site visit by an appraiser within the next 30 days. Earl Smith Strand. Chevron-up Icon E-Filing. Download Icon Forms. Question-mark Icon FAQs. Chevron-up Icon Upcoming Property Visits. Expand Icon Contact Us. Cobb County Facts Cobb county is a Metro Atlanta community that serves as home to more than , people and is one of the top 20 most affordable metro areas in the United States.

      Notice to Property Owners and Occupants Please be advised that the properties shown on the following list are scheduled for a site visit by an appraiser within the next 30 days.