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I highly recommend her. If I ever have legal trouble again she will be the one I go to first. All misdemeanors have a 2 year statute. None Need Help Now? Derk Wadas Founding Partner. Bo Kalabus Partner. Kyle Therrian Partner. Ryan Kreck Attorney. Justin Wilson Attorney. So, the following information is a general guide. If you are charged with burglary in Tarrant County then you need to meet with a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney to discuss the possible punishment for your burglary charge.

Depending on the circumstances and criminal history, a person can also get probation for a burglary charge. This is another possibility that you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney about. If you are charged with burglary of any kind the case is serious, and you need to find the best defense lawyer for your case. The penalties and punishment mentioned above is only if you are found guilty of burglary. Your lawyer needs to evaluate whether you have a good case to fight or if you need to try to work out the best plea bargain.

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Every case is unique and will require specialized attention. For most burglary cases, the statute of limitation is 5 years. However, there are some more serious circumstances which increase the statute of limitation. If the case involved an allegation of sexual abuse of a child or attempted sexual abuse of a child, then the statute of limitation is 20 years from the 18th birthday of the alleged victim. So, if a person is accused of entering a building or habitation with the intent to commit any of the following crimes, then the statute of limitation is 20 years:.

Burglary Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas.

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A person stays concealed hidden inside a building or habitation, AND the person does not have the effective consent of the owner; AND the person has the intent to commit a felony, theft, or an assault inside of the habitation or building. A person enters a building or habitation and commits or attempts to commit a felony, theft, or assault.

What is residential burglary?

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What is a habitation? Under Texas Penal Code Chapter 30, a Habitation is any structure or vehicle that is adapted made suitable for a new use or purpose or modified for the overnight accommodation of persons, and includes: each separately secured or occupied portion of the structure or vehicle; and each structure appurtenant to or connected with the structure or vehicle.

What is a building? What level of felony is burglary? Penalty for Burglary Many factors can impact the possible penalty for a burglary charge.