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Only of these were built, including one clandestine convertible. All were powered by horsepower cid big-block V-8s. The , Malibu and El Camino pecking order rolled over, as did most mechanicals, but the two-door station wagon variant did not return.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Six-cylinder and V-8 lines also remained in place, with the latter again consisting of either or cid small-blocks. The garden-variety Chevelle SS fitted with either six-cylinder or small-block power didn't return either, but that wasn't bad news.

Beginning in , it was big-block or no block for Super Sport lovers as the SS Chevelle went from limited-edition showboat to mass-market muscle car. Optional front disc brakes and familiar Rally wheels appeared in For all Hagerty Insurance clients: The values shown do not imply coverage in this amount.

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In the event of a claim, the guaranteed value s on your policy declarations page is the amount your vehicle s is covered for, even if the value displayed here is different. However, this car is considered to be genesis, and helped paved the way for muscle cars to come. The model year brought several changes to the Chevelle; most notably, a complete redesign of the body. The SS became its own separate model that year.

The Z16 package was dropped, along with the and the in the SS trim level, but the remained, and in a much larger quantity with horsepower levels ranging from hp, respectively. The restyled Chevelle also received a few safety enhancements, like a collapsible steering column and a warning light in the gauge cluster, in the event of brake failure.

Model Overview

This helped Chevrolet claim that the Chevelle was now safer than ever! The hp version of the was dropped early in the production year, though a total of were built.

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  6. The big block was still available in the hp and hp levels. Featuring a shorter wheelbase, the immensely popular long-hood, short-deck styling, along with a sculpted body and tapered front fenders, the new body style gave the Chevelle the muscular appearance that it rightfully deserved.

    The hp option returned, again giving enthusiasts three levels of performance from their big block SS. Engine choices remained stout, in the form of the hp and hp The vent window had been removed, and a chrome, vertical bar stretched the entire width of the grille. The taillights became larger and more flush with the body, providing a cleaner, and more attractive look for those who had the mis fortune of seeing the back of the Chevelle at traffic light encounters. The performance bar had been raised, and even Don Yenko of Yenko Chevrolet sold a total of 99 out of his Canonsburg, Pennsylvania dealership.

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    Quarter-mile times in the low second range were the norm for equipped Chevelles, making the COPO and Yenko Chevelles very valuable today. The was no longer the big dog, as it received a displacement increase to cubic inches, by way of a. Not stopping there, two more engines joined the roster that year in the form of the LS-5 and LS-6 The LS-5 came equipped with hp, and the LS-6 ruled the streets with its hp and massive lb ft of torque.

    The car also came with unique styling firsts, such as an available air scoop in a hood that already had cowl induction, which would grab air from the outside and force it into the carburetor as the driver would let off of the throttle. Borrowing an existing theme from the Camaro, this was also the first year the Chevelle SS had the twin racing stripes adorned over the hood and trunk lid. It definitely helped the car stand out even more, however, a stripe delete option was available for those who preferred a more sedated appearance. But as the old adage says, you can never have too much of a good thing, and would be the only year the LS-6 would be available in the Chevelle.

    This was also the first time since that the Chevelle SS was available with a small block, even a 2bbl version. Horsepower dropped again, and the front parking lights were revised slightly. Other than the fact that the Chevelle SS was now available with any V8, including the lowly hp This was also the same year as the first oil embargo, so naturally, things were looking pretty gloomy already for the performance enthusiast.

    But this would be become the last year for the SS option anyway, thankfully, as it would be replaced by the Laguna Type S-3 for Disc brakes became standard equipment. Lagunas were also made available with swivel-style front bucket seats.

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