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Resource Center. And, if state law is ambiguous as to the definition of employee, Joint Commission permits the organization to define the scope of background checks to fit its own definition. Human Resources Assistant. Human Resources Generalist. Human Resources Manager. Pastoral Care Associate.

Human Resources Specialist. Accreditation Manager.

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Get In Touch. What guidelines will clinical agencies follow in determining the type of criminal activity that would prohibit a student from participating in the required clinical component of a program? Clinical agencies reserve the right not to accept any student who has a criminal background or positive drug screen. Clinical agencies will determine this on a case-by-case basis considering the following factors:. The prison, jail, probation, parole, rehabilitation, and employment records of the candidate subsequent to the crime; and.

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Students are allowed one appeal to the clinical agency to request a reversal of the decision to deny clinical placement. To do this, the student must complete the Clinical Agency Denial Appeals Form and write a letter of explanation regarding the charges or positive drug screen results.

Durham Tech personnel are not authorized to tell the student what to include in the letter as they are not privy to the CBC results. Durham Tech is not permitted to receive or transmit protected health information or photographs. This request must be submitted within 5 working days of the initial notification that clinical placement has been denied. The form and supporting information should be provided to Ms.

Grady will send the appeal to the clinical site requesting a review of the information. The student will be notified in writing if the appeal is accepted or denied. The names of the clinical facilities that accept or deny the appeal will not be disclosed. What should a student do if the student believes that the criminal background check includes false or inaccurate information? A student who believes that the criminal background check contains false or inaccurate information should bring the matter directly to the attention of FirstPoint Information Resources as soon as possible.

The company will attempt to verify the identifying information and re-run the background check. What if an applicant or student is convicted of any criminal offense s subsequent to the date the student has obtained the criminal background check? If an applicant or student is convicted of any criminal offense s other than minor traffic violations, subsequent to the date the student has obtained the criminal background check under this policy, the student is required within three 3 days after such conviction, to contact FirstPoint.

The clinical agencies, in their discretion, may elect to deny a student with a newly reported criminal background permission to continue to participate in the clinical experience at their site, which would mean that the student would be unable to complete his or her clinical training and would be dismissed from the program of study. Step 3: Follow the instructions on the blue sheet FirstPoint and provide payment.

If a drug screening is required, follow the instructions provided by Ms.

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Grady and take the custody form with you to LabCorp. Step 4: Step 1, 2, and 3 must be completed by the date on the letter of notification from the program of study. Search Type search term here. Frequently Asked Questions To whom does this policy apply? What does the criminal background check include?

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What do students need to do to comply with this requirement? Students should follow the steps listed below: The student completes the Consent Form and Hold Harmless Agreement yellow document and submits the form to the Health Technologies office by the deadline provided by the program. Upon receipt of the Consent Form, the student will be given the FirstPoint contact information blue document. If the program requires a drug screen, you will also need to obtain a chain of custody form. Students will not be able to pick up a copy of the background check from the Health Technologies office as we do not retain copies of the reports or appeals.

Note: Some clinical assignments may require completion of an background check as required by the facility, fingerprint check, and other checks. Also, some sites require the CBC and drug screen to be repeated on a more frequent basis e. What is the cost of the FirstPoint service and who is responsible for paying?

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What if a student does not comply with the requirements described above? What if a clinical agency refuses a clinical practicum for a student through their facility? Clinical agencies will determine this on a case-by-case basis considering the following factors: 1.