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Florida LMHCs can expect to pay the following fees for their application, renewal, examination, and other licensure expenses :. LMHC license renewal requires payment of the appropriate renewal fees see above and the completion of continuing education. LMHC license renewal in Florida requires the completion of 25 hours of general CE, two hours on medical errors, three hours on ethics and boundaries, three hours on laws and rules, and two hours on domestic violence. First-time renewers are exempt from these requirements.

All CE courses must be taken through board-approved providers. Alternatively, CE can be earned by attending a board meeting up to three hours of general CE , presenting or moderating an event up to 10 hours , or instructing a graduate-level course up to five hours. There is no limit on the number of hours earned through home-study courses, and all 25 general hours can be covered by sex therapy or hypnosis training.

The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Mental Health Counseling has an alternative route to licensure for counselors who have already obtained their professional counseling licenses in other states - applying by endorsement. The following types of counselors in Florida can expect to earn the corresponding average hourly and annual wages, according to the U.

Bureau of Labor Statistics :. Information may have changed since, check with the state's board of licensing for more information. Complete your M. Internship Requirements In addition to the coursework listed above, LMHC licensure applicants should complete at least 1, hours of university-sponsored supervised clinical practicum, internship, or field experience. Continuing Education CE LMHC license renewal in Florida requires the completion of 25 hours of general CE, two hours on medical errors, three hours on ethics and boundaries, three hours on laws and rules, and two hours on domestic violence.

Back to Top Average Counselor Salary in Florida The following types of counselors in Florida can expect to earn the corresponding average hourly and annual wages, according to the U.

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During the time, I have had specialized training with couples, families, infants and young children and have worked with them within some capacity for the last 12 years. I am academically training in marriage and family therapy and have continued to received extensive training in couples therapy as well as infant mental health and interventions with children.

I have extensive training in Play Therapy and also working toward my graduate degree. I have a strong passion and desire to help everyone recover and discover their true happiness. I am a licensed professional with experience in eating disorders, substance addiction, mental health, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and process addictions. I also enjoy helping people learn to thrive and overcome depression, anxiety disorders, and general mental health. If you are feeling lost or like your addiction has taken over your life, I would love the chance to help you find peace again!

There is nothing more powerful and impactful than the process of psychotherapy where one risks openness and vulnerability.

The growth of self-examination and change is an incredible and collaborative process. The decision to choose a therapist is a deeply personal process. The therapist and patient must collaboratively seek growth. I also have twenty years experience in the addiction, mental health and counseling field.

I believe that every individual has it within themselves to overcome the majority of their struggles, they just need some help. My job as a therapist is to foster this healing process. I will not tell you what you must do, but I will assist you in finding the solution for yourself. Job stress, pressures of parenting, or relationship issues really can affect the way you feel about yourself or interact with others. Are you tired of dealing with a situation that you can't seem to resolve? Tired of going through? My approach is to get to know you and become familiar with the situation by listening attentively and providing the support that you need to resolve the issue, so you can begin to feel better.

Hayes Medical Integration is a place of respite where you can find peace and relief!

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Brad Palermo Psychologist , PsyD. Specializing in depression, anxiety, relationships, LGBT, anger, stress, self esteem, and more. I approach counseling with the utmost respect for individual differences, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and social experiences. Each person possesses strengths that can be utilized in treatment to achieve wellness and healing.

I provide help for those who are suffering due to unhappy relationships, stress, work and career issues, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. It is my goal to unearth and capitalize on client strengths to achieve treatment goals. I have experience using a variety of approaches to promote positive growth and development.

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At Coastwise Mediation and Therapy, we understand life happens. She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families who have been affected by various life issues. Let's work together to discover better ways for you to cope with them.

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Please browse my website www. Contact me with questions or to make an appointment. Therapy works! Some of us go kicking and screaming. You deserve the opportunity to do a personal self-inventory of your life without judgment; we can take a look at what's working and what can benefit from some tweaking. I specialize in a culturally sensitive approach to working with you.

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No two individuals are alike and the therapeutic process will be client-centered which will serve to better address your needs and help you meet your goals. Working with a therapist will provide you with the tools necessary to gain clarity, establish workable goals, find motivation and feel truly empowered. Whether you are 5 or 95, my approach centers around creating a safe, nurturing environment where you will see self-growth and improvement in your life. I am bi-lingual Spanish and have flexible hours.

I have an interactive style which draws on cognitive-behavioral theory CBT , interpersonal and developmental psychology. Together we will gain an understanding of the emotional, mental and behavioral habits which are getting in the way of you realizing your potential and preventing you from meeting your needs. We will then work to develop satisfying and productive alternatives. Do you believe that the communication between you and your partner needs improvement?

Let's talk! Are you having trouble adjusting to a new baby?

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Is your child having problems in school or is your teen acting out? Are you overwhelmed with responsibilities? Is depression or anxiety preventing you from living the life you want to live?

Moving forward may be difficult, but seeking therapy is a great beginning. It would be my privilege to become your partner in change. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.

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By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She has been in private practice since , serving individuals of different cultural backgrounds and a wide range of psychological concerns.

Her focus is mostly psychodynamic helping clients connect with their unconscious and identify the behaviors that are linked to it , but she also implements cognitive-behavioral techniques, hypnotherapy, and spirituality, based on the client's demands. In addition to her clinical work, Dr.

Guerra serves as a motivational speaker and head of a non-profit organization that helps families in distress.