Linux cannot find name for group id

Feel free to send the logs to me directly if you don't like attaching them to the ticket. I failed to properly check the version; looks like I'm running the Centos 6 default sssd packages, which appear to be 1.

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Let me upgrade and see if that helps resolve the issue. Don't be mistaken by the version, all the commits since 1. I will update my findings when that's done. Sure, that would work as well, but the repo I sent you is equivalent to 1. Also, the packaging in that repo is already done :. So like I said we ported 1. The config files were unchanged.

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  4. Learn Linux, 101: Manage user and group accounts and related system files.
  5. KB Error - id: cannot find name for group ID XX.

Now I can't login at all. I don't know if you want to log that under a different bug file or this one Is there some kind of information I can provide you to assess?

[midPoint] IdM, OpenLDAP, Linux and error "groups: cannot find name for group ID 1105"

First let's find out whether the login failure is due to a bug or a misconfiguration with either build or the config itself. COM ping successfull ping nss ping pam service nss replied service pam replied. NoReply] EOF. Thanks, it sounds like there is some issue in the domain lookups, but I think the error level you're currently using doesn't provide enough information.

I set debug to 7, restarted the service, and ran the getent command. It came up empty again. Confirmed services again, on domain, etc. That's the only thing I can think of doing right now is switching to your repo. Sorry for the late reply.

The ticket fell off the radar a bit, because the status was closed, so I'll reopen it to keep the ticket visible. Did you have a change to collect the debug logs? Hello all, I've re-opened this ticket because I'm facing the same problem. No response for 9 days, so I'm going to close this ticket as worksforme. Kindly reopen if you have the information requested in comment I think id calls either getuid or geteuid.

Change a USER and GROUP ID on Linux

Don't worry if you can't find linux-vdso on your system, see e. The library that you see as linux-vdso.

Older systems called this linux-gate. This virtual library provides the necessary logic to allow user programs to access system functions through the fastest means available on the particular processor, either interrupt, or with most newer processors, fast system call.

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The reason for this is the whoami dependency on nss to find users and groups. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 6 years, 9 months ago. Active 3 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 7k times.

- groups: cannot find name for group ID - Ask Ubuntu

On logon users see the following: Using username "testuser". Authenticating with public key "rsa-key-xxxxxxx" from agent id: cannot find name for group ID id: cannot find name for user ID id: cannot find name for group ID id: cannot find name for user ID [I have no name!

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  • Thu Dec 6 06 id: cannot find name for group ID I tried with multiple different users and multiple types. I never though a ldap server designed onfor Linux would keep Linux user mgm so cryptic for a new user.

    Linux command to change UID and GID

    My goal is that whether my user logs in with their local account or domain account that they have the same permission on the files in their directories. Now when the users login they get the message: cannot find name for group ID. All of their files are assigned to group which is their domain user account.