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The best way to search for someone when all you have is an address would be a reverse address lookup tool. However, a real estate website like Zillow lets you find other details about the person's home just by typing the address or zip code. When you look for someone here, you won't find a person by their name or dig up any history on them like you can with some of the other methods above, but you will find a wealth of home-related details unmatched elsewhere.

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He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated October 17, You can do all this and more with the resources below that help you find someone online.

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We suggest you do the following:. Have a word processor tool or note-taking program handy to keep track of what you find on the person. You'll likely need multiple sources to gather enough valuable information on him or her, so keeping it all logged in one place is smart. Use as much information on the person as you have available.

A paper trail

Do you know their full name? What about their physical address or email address?

A date of birth or death can be helpful, too. These tidbits of information, and more, will be helpful in your search. Feel free to use as many different sources as possible. It's virtually impossible to find everything you're looking for on the person from just one place.

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Visit TruePeopleSearch. How to Find Obituaries Online. Visit Usersearch. Visit LinkedIn. Visit Zillow.

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Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. As it turned out, the email with the wire transfer instructions had been sent by a con artist impersonating the attorney, according to an FBI affidavit filed Aug. The incident was partially responsible for touching off an FBI investigation that is tracking what the bureau believes to be a multimillion-dollar identity theft ring operating out of at least two US states.

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  • The money was deposited into the accounts of several phony companies the ring set up using the names of people whose identities had been stolen. They then laundered the money further, by transferring it into accounts at other banks, also established using stolen identities. Investigators dug through bank records associated with the fraudulent accounts, looking for clues. In what was presumably a sea of fake names and dead ends, they discovered a check drawn on one of the accounts that was then deposited into an account at JPMorganChase. The account was linked to a company called Kelz Interior Design, and had been registered with the State of Texas by someone named Brittany Cavaness Barrett.

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    She said she was running a fitness business near the airport, and denied having anything to do with identity theft. Another included a screenshot of an incriminating deposit slip. Sealing the deal for investigators, Barrett at one point texted her home address. Even Russian bots are detectable—and were detected.