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Reed with Reed Kitchin b. Kitchin , grandchildren of Marcus Lafayette Reed. Kitchin ; and Mark L. Reed , probably around age 4, and Reed Kitchin b. Reed is probably in the front row, third from left. Reed and Edith Alicia Murphy Reed on right. Reed , and Mark L. Reed , Mark L. Reed probably in front row, third from left.

Reed as a teenager with friends, possibly at Camp Sequoyah. Mathews, Ella's second husband, Virginia Beach, Va. Mathews, and family, Asheville, N. Hesta Lena Reed Kitchin in second row, far left. Hesta Lena Reed Kitchin in top row, directly below doorway. Reed Kitchin, who was campaign manager in Buncombe County, is third man from left.

Ellis G. Photograph taken while they were hiking in Vermont. Thompson Georgia , William M. Two photograph albums containing photographs and tintypes of various persons, although they are not identified in the albums. The creator of these albums is also unknown. Fisher for academic pursuits.

Also included are two medals given to Joseph Lucius Reed. One was awarded by the United Daughters of the Confederacy for his participation in World War I as the descendant of a Confederate veteran. Samuel J. Club at Harvard University. Size 3. Reed and M. His son, Mark L.

Reed , was a prominent businessman and aviator in Asheville, N. The collection consists of correspondence, notes, biographical sketches, pictures, financial and legal documents, volumes, clippings, and other materials pertaining to the history of the Reed family of Buncombe County, N. Reed ; letters to and from Samuel J. These materials include correspondence with other genealogists, biographical sketches about various Reed family members, family trees, and genealogical notes. The collection also contains other documents, among them financial papers, legal papers, and clippings from newspapers and magazines, related to various members of the Reed family.

Also included are materials related to Mark L. Reed's death in from injuries sustained in a plane crash. There is also an extensive collection of photographs and pictures of members of the Reed, Murphy, McBrayer, Kitchin, and Sales families, and printed volumes belonging to, or written by, Reed family members. Creator Reed family. Language English Back to Top. Restrictions to Access No restrictions.

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Open for research. Copyright Notice Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law. Acquisitions Information Received from Mark L. Reed of Chapel Hill, N. Sensitive Materials Statement Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act N. Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications e.

Back to Top. Asheville N. Buncombe County N. Families--North Carolina--Social life and customs. Harrison family. Mathews, Ella Osmonia Reed Latham. McBrayer family. North Carolina--Genealogy. Reed family. Reed, Bethany Barbara Sales. Reed, Edith Alicia Murphy. Reed, Joseph Lucius. Reed, Marcus Lafayette, Reed, Mark L. Sales family. Swannanoa River Valley N. American Expeditionary Forces. Whitaker, Harriet Katherine Reed. World War, United States. Correspondence, Family History and Local History Materials, Other Written Materials, Pictures, , and undated.

Photograph albums, undated. Volumes, Medals, , and undated. About items. Arrangement: by correspondent and chronologically. Arrangement: by name of person to whom volume is related. Various volumes owned or written by members of the Reed Family. The Reed family settled in Buncombe County, N. Reed correspondence , Series: "1. Edith Murphy Reed correspondence , Series: "1.

Folder Folder 4 Folder 5. Fisher correspondence , Series: "1. Postcards , Series: "1. Reed family history: correspondence , Series: "2. Reed family history: genealogies , Series: "2. Reed family history: biographical sketches , Series: "2. Folder Folder 11 Folder Harrison family history: correspondence , Series: "2. Various families' genealogical materials , Series: "2.

Folder number not used , Series: "2. Harriett Reed Whitaker: genealogy notebook , Series: "2. Folder Folder 15 Folder 16 Folder Marcus Lafayette Reed , Series: "3. Marcus Lafayette Reed: Scrapbook , Series: "3. Reed , Series: "3. Reed : Death materials , Series: "3. Reed : English notebook, Reed : Grammar book, , Series: "3.

Reed : Mathematics book, , Series: "3. Reed : Quotation book. Reed : Scrapbook , Series: "3. Joseph Lucius Reed , Series: "3. Fisher: Clippings , Series: "3. Fisher: Harvard materials , Series: "3. Harvard class album, , Series: "3. Fisher: Legal records , Series: "3. Fisher: Military records , Series: "3. Fisher: Poetry , Series: "3. Folder Folder 41 Folder Fisher: Sheet music , Series: "3.

Sheet music , Series: "3. Other Reed family documents , Series: "3. Lane family documents , Series: "3. Miscellaneous clippings , Series: "3. Other materials , Series: "3. Political cartoon of Marcus Lafayette Reed and other politicians "milking" Buncombe County, painted on wood shingle by F. Hull, Ancestors of Marcus Lafayette Reed , Series: "4. Marcus Lafayette Reed and immediate family , Series: "4.

Photos of Marcus Lafayette Reed and family members at his home, Reed and Edith Alicia Murphy Reed. Lula Reed Brookshire, , Series: "4. Samuel Harrison Reed and immediate family , Series: "4.

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Thomas Jefferson Reed , Series: "4. Ashworth Reed , wife of Thomas Jefferson Reed. Ashworth Reed. Reed , Series: "4. Reed , age 4 months 10 days. Reed : Eleventh birthday Reed , 12 years old. Reed and "Bennie," his dog. Reed , late s. Reed piloting an airplane. Reed aviation photos , Series: "4. Reed , Edith Alicia Murphy Reed , Series: "4. Reed , circa Reed , age 11 months, circa Charles Smith of Wiccocomoco and Eliz. January 13, , George Glascock of Richmond Co. March 20, , Charles Rogers and Catherine Brent. Consent of Edward Carter to marriage of his wife's daughter, Catherine Brent.

December 1, , Ben Waddey, Jr. Leroy Pope age 23 the 21st Aug. Blakemore March 4, , Charles Lee's consent that Mr. George Tucker and Mrs. James Ewell, Jr. Mason and B. Flood and Nancy P. Hodge and Harriet Ashton Abram B. Lornax and Margaret R. Terrett and Hannah B. Ashtoa Byrd C. Washington and Mrs. Ashton Henry T. John H.

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Micou and Harriet Goldsmith Jacob W. Stuart and Peggy M. Ashton John Stith and Sally B. Mason John G. Stuart and Elizabeth S. Fitzhugh W. Stuart and Frances M. Beverlej" Abram B. Hooe and L. Fitzhugh William A. Harrison and Frances P. U" George M. Hooe and Elizabeth M. Hooe and Lucy T. Taliaferro, Jr. Blackburn Francis Fitzhugh and Amanda F. Fitzhugh and Mary Stuart William H. Ashton and Sarah Dickenson Charles H. Ashton and Mary M. Pollard John B. Stith and Caroline H. Stuart Charles E. Stuart and R. Lomax James L.

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Taliaferro and Jane E. Jones Hugh M. Tennant and Eleanor A. Grymes John A. Hoomes and Baynton T. Hone and Sarah Massey Charles D. Lewis and Elizabeth S. Fitzhugh Adolphus G.

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Fitzhugh and Rosa P. Angell and Judith Robert. Archer and Judith E. Peyton daughter of J. Brooking and Archer Eobertson, Jr. June 2, , W. Mason William B. Jones and Catherine, daughter of Hy. Susan Jones and W. Parkinson Martha M. Bland and Thomas J. Hilliman Frances Boiling and Robert E. Meade Harriet C. Boiling and Charles Eggleston Mary T. Booker and Archer Robertson Sarah M.

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Booker and W. Crittenden W. Booker and Sally T. Blankensopp P. Scott William M. Booker and Cene P. Hutchinson Richard D. Booker and Henry E. Booker and Mary Crittenden Isham C. Booker and Elizabeth E. Jete Martha H.

Detailed Background Reports

Lucy T. Bott and W. Booth Elizabeth T. Bott and Edward H. Hunt Martha Cocke and William F. Eggleston Elizabeth A. Cock and William Booth Jane G. Giles and A. Townes Rebecca W. Giles and James T.


Jones and Frances A. Jones and Rebecca W. Jones and Maria Hardaway Maria W. Webster Fred Jones and Kezza W. Murray July 10, , Benjamin L. Meade and Jane E. Robertson November — , , April — , , January. Robertson and Martha M. John Grymes, Esq. Mary's Co. May 6, ,. Churchill W. Kemp, deed. Blakey of Spots Co.

Moulson and Mary, daughter Olive Segar February September 17, , Richard Davis and Lucy, daughter Win. February 12, , Richard Ivcson and Rebecca, widow Win. John Morgan and Lucy Hardin, widow. Ann Wythe, Sr. John Brown, from to August 14, ,. Brown , June 11, December 29, , January 12, , February 15, ,.. The name of the man only is given. Thompson John Gray Ed. Wallace, Jr. Letter of consent from parents, James and Mary Binfcrd. She is of the age of twenty-one. November 25, , William Pennington and Drusilla Smithson. Letter from John and Drusilla Smithson, giving consent to marrfage of their daughter Drusilla.

Nash, father of John Nash, Jr. Letter of consent from Abraham Maury for daughter Mary Ann. Letter of consent from Thomas Robertson. September 30, , Robert Dixon and Anne Bacon. Consent of her father. Lyddall Bacon. Consent of Michael Watson, X his mark. October 12, , Ambrose Ellis and Sicily Stokes. March 31, , Henry Embry and Ann Portes?

Con- sent of father, Thomas Chappell. Consent of Henry Farley. October 27, , Lodwick Farmer, Jr. September 8, 17'96, James Garrett and Polly Johnson. Stephen Johnson's letter of consent. Letter from Henry Blagrave, father of Anne. July 12, , John Glenn end Sarah Bacon. March 12, , Peter Garland and Martha Garland. David Gar- land's letter of consent to daughter's marriage. March 20, , Nathaniel. Had- nall. Guy and Hannah Eck! Fox, her father, gives his consent. December 19, , Thomas Colebeck and Matilda Garner '. Quisenbury, her father, gives his consent August 31, , Matthew Bayne and C.

Bell and Winifred C. Clark and Sarah Cooper, Jas. Dawson, I her father, gives his consent Hutt and Constance U. Rowand Jur. Davis and Elizabeth II. Brinnon December 28, , Joel S. Hipkins and Mary H. Jenkins and Martha A. Peirce, Jos. August 19, , July 17, , July 27, , June 22, , December 31, , October 12, , Cox, her guardian, gives his consent December , , Wm. Watkins and Susan Jackson, Sam! Hackney and Elizabeth T. Hazzard, her father, gives his consent : February 13, , John M.

Jenkins and Winifred L. Aston June 8, , John H. Marston and Sally Carrel! Courtney June 11, 1S06, Thos. Robinson April 21, , Christopher J. Brown and Lucy Spark- November 13, , Thos. Croxton and Eliza B. Spence April 1, 1S06, William B. Lyell and Peggy S. Johnston and Ann F. Chandler and Sally P. McNeil and Lucy Moxley, C. Walker and Sibella P. James Carpenter and Susanna Belaud February Courtney and Nancy Carvin! Spence and Mary C. Storke Jett, father, gives his consent December 19, , Wm. Rose and Mildred W. Clerkv and Elizabeth S. Hungerford and Sophia Muse, Walk.