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Nationwide, there are just three Black female sheriffs. Given the narrow demographic, it is perhaps unsurprising, then, that sheriffs tend to be more conservative than the general population, particularly on immigration. Carmichael fits this mold. In Mecklenberg County, there has long been a tradition of anointed sheriffs who pass the position down to their chosen successor. Pendergraph was succeeded by his chief deputy, Chipp Bailey, also a white man and a Charlotte native who had spent his entire career in law enforcement. Bailey stayed just six years before retiring.

Both Bailey and Pendergraph endorsed Carmichael.

Battle brewing between ICE, Mecklenburg County sheriff

Like his predecessors, Carmichael is extremely supportive of g , and relies on limp excuses and nonsensical hypotheticals to justify it. Carmichael did not provide any examples of this fear being founded. In the past, this may not have mattered. But things are shifting now. Mecklenburg is part of that fraction.

Carmichael is fighting to win a tough primary on Tuesday, May 8.

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But on many of the most important key issues, they differ dramatically from Carmichael. He called it a safety issue and claimed it was more convenient for inmates. But critics say that video visits do not compare to the value of in-person visitation.

What are the options available for a warrant search or a criminal background check in NC?

As people become more aware of the power of local elected officials in the criminal justice system, it is increasingly possible that the people in charge may be more aligned with local residents. Durham is, overall, even more progressive than Charlotte. But many of the decisions made by Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews have not reflected local political standards. Andrews also made the controversial decision last year to prosecute the protesters who toppled a local confederate statue. These are decisions that Andrews has had to answer for in the primary.

His opponent, Clarence Birkhead, ran for the position last election and lost to Andrews.

But this time, Birkhead has been endorsed by many of the same groups that endorsed Andrews last time. Birkhead has been clear that he wants to reduce incarceration and law enforcement interaction. In other counties across the country, regressive sheriffs are being challenged by forward-thinking candidates. Jones is noticeably out of step with his constituency, and he seems to know it. He often plays the centrist on issues, including immigration. In March, he flew to D. Jones has also been accused of sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

It also listed demands, including body camera footage and the disciplinary history of the officers who committed the acts.

Meherrin River Regional Jail

In March, Sacramento city police shot and killed Stephon Clark, a year-old unarmed Black man who was trying to visit his grandmother. They supposedly believed he had a weapon. It turned out to be a cell phone.

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Jones refused to apologize for the event, and did not express any sympathy for the injured woman. Despite his repeated failures, Jones has a confidence bordering on hubris. When he announced his intention to run for a third term, Jones seemed to think the election was a mere formality. But recently, Jones has started to look much more vulnerable. Fitch proudly describes himself as a criminal justice reformer, and has stated that he would not collaborate with ICE if elected. Fitch is gaining significant support, and has garnered some critical endorsements, including from the mayor.

The in-person, face-to-face visits and the on-site video communications are at no charge. Internet visits can be conducted via a webcam enabled computer, or an Android device.

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