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One of the most famous cars in the world, driven by the world's most best all-time racing driver to two world titles is a worthy vehicle to top this list. Juan Manuel Fangio is the world's best all-time racing driver, driving this car in two successful Formula One campaigns. The Mercedes WR came in two forms - streamliner as used in the first race at the French Grand Prix and open-wheel, as in the auction car. Image: Bonhams. Juan Manuel Fangio is the world's best all-time racing driver, driving the auction car in two successful Formula One campaigns.

Image: Bonhams with the full story here. In addition to Fangio driving this car, it was also driven by such luminaries as Hans Herrrmann and Karl Kling. Eddie Smith Snr. Full story here. One of the features of the "works" Ferrari Plus Spider was its 4.

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To picture the event, think of famous road races such as the Mille Miglia or Targa Florio on both steroids and acid. The race was twice as long as the Mille Miglia, and on public roads with no separation from the public.

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This Ferrari Testa Rossa is a former world record holder for the highest price achieved at auction. The full story of Ferrari TR details its provenance in great detail. The Ferrari Testa Rossa which captured the record debuted at the Nurburgring kms but it is not the car's racing history which makes it the most valuable car ever to be publicly sold, but the fact this is the very first Testa Rossa - the original prototype and rolling testbed for the TR Testa Rossa line, one of the most successful sports racing cars ever.

Image: Michael Furman. Image: Bill Warner. This is a car of legend. This Ferrari Testa Rossa is another former world record holder for the most expensive car ever sold at auction, as we predicted and reported back in This was the fourth Ferrari Testa Rossa built and the second customer car. Image: Darin Schnabel. Like most cars near the top of this list, this ultra-rare Hermann Ahrens-designed K Special Roadster has a tale to tell. It was purchased new in by an aristocratic Prussian family, becoming the personal car of Baroness Gisela von Krieger. Among the very elite of international society, the beautiful Baroness was named one of the ten most fashionable women in the world and kept the car until her passing in Among the very elite of international society, the beautiful Baroness was named one of the ten most fashionable women in the world, mixed with European society's elite, led a very colourful lifestyle and kept the car until her passing in The camera car for the blockbuster Steve McQueen film Le Mans, the full history of this car is available on the official RM auction page and its drivers during its racing period include Jacky Ickx, Dr.

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Image: Pawel Litwinski. The Mercedes-Benz K was one of the most prestigious and — in the eyes of many — the most beautiful automobile of the interwar years.

Its combination of power, light weight and sheer beauty made it the master of the road. It's breathtaking expense made it equally rare - just were built. Image: Shooterz. One of only nine examples built and eight remaining, this Ferrari GT has seen action in some of the great races, including ninth outright and fourth in class in the Mille Miglia, fourth outright in the Coppa Inter-Europa and a participant in the inaugural Colorado Grand, making it eligible for participation in the Mille Miglia and similar prestigious events of today.

Photo: Darin Schnabel. It is the eleventh of just 50 LWB California Spiders built and a spectacular example, with a notable absence of apparent or known damage in its well-documented past. The Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante is an undisputed masterpiece of automotive art, designed by Jean Bugatti with a competition-derived surbaisse chassis and a factory supercharger.


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Just two supercharged Type 57SC cars were built new , but most 57S owners wanted the additional power afforded by the blower. This Bugatti Type 57SC Atalante is an extremely authentic example with original chassis, engine and coachwork and features outstanding, unbroken provenance including participation in the prestigious inaugural International Bugatti Meeting in Photo: shooterz.

For a recent road car, it's unprecedented. The McLaren F1 seems destined for collector car heaven. Mercedes-Benz built of its powerful, massive K models and only 26 of them were the sleek, luxurious, imposing Special Roadsters such as this model. One of the most striking variations on the Special Roadster theme, it is the high-door, long-tail version with exposed spare wheels and tyres built into the rear deck.

After the war, the ownership of this car changed hands several times, crossing the Atlantic twice and along the way picking up an Antique Automobile Club of America National First Place award in and a first in class award at Pebble Beach in The bodywork was designed by famous French coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik. The low-slung torpedo roadster body by Carrosserie J. Saoutchik, of Paris, is a perfect example of coachbuilding of the late s.

It showcases some of the more exotic materials available to the coachbuilders of the day. The hides used to create the lizard skin interior were supplied by Alpina, a company that sourced products from the French colonies in Southeast Asia.

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The beautiful trim wood, known as Purpleheart, was also sourced out of the French colonies in South America. Looks can be deceiving. This Ferrari S is a race car of the highest order.

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It was originally built as a Ferrari factory entry for the infamous Carrera Panamericana race, but the Le Mans tragedy saw the Mexican event cancelled and the car, a close relative of the Le Mans-winning Plus with a 4. This car has a wonderful history. It was originally built with the intention of being a works entry in the Carrera Panamericana race, but the Le Mans tragedy saw the Mexican event cancelled and the car, a close relative of the Le Mans-winning Plus with a 4.

A car with a wonderful history. Photo: Paolo Carlini. Photo: Simon Clay. Photo: Pawel Litwinski. Birkin at speed in the Blower Bentley on the Brooklands banking — note the rear wheels are both off the ground. Birkin combined his 'Bentley Boy' high-society image with a fearless driving talent and was the hero of a generation of British motor racing enthusiasts.

This so-British hero became the absolute epitome of Imperial power, speed and daring Fully matching numbers with Ferrari Classiche certification. This Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe is the second most expensive "movie car" in history , though to be fair, it's a car with an impeccable race history and world championship in its own right that just happened to have also been used in a film — Howard Hawkes cult classic movie Redline The price this car fetched at auction can almost entirely be attributed to its racing provenance.

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This particular K has a fascinating history, having been driven in Germany until the war, then commandeered by a conquering Soviet General. In , it was discovered in the Soviet Union by a Swedish newspaper reporter who then had to negotiate its purchase and repatriation to the West at the height of the Cold War. Read on This highly original example of a Mercedes-Benz 7. The "Corgi" - one of the most recognisable cars in the world thanks to becoming a model for Corgi Classics diecast model cars. The key strength of Espace lay in its ability to carry seven passengers and to reach a top track speed of kph with its original aerodynamic lines.

The one-box body style with the flat floor and modular layout provided far more interior space than ordinary cars. All passengers had their own folding, removable, swivel seat. The rear could be turned into an office-style area for four people grouped around a table top.

Launched in , the Renault 21 Nevada was based on the R21 family hatchback.

It was 4. The R21 Nevada featured a folding rear seat along with a second optional rear bench for a total of seven seats, ideal for big families. The Quadra version featured a diff lock to take on all types of terrain. Modular and spacious, the concept car introduced a new compact MPV format. Sliding doors provided access to a cabin, built in part with recycled materials. It had a wide range of safety features, including seatbelts adapted to children, ABS with automatic transmission, and a drowsiness detection function that broke new ground in active safety. Renault caused a stir at the Paris Motor Show with the unveiling of a one-box city car with frog eyes: Twingo.

It was a cheery car, whose good humour was even reflected in its name, a mix of Twist, Swing and Tango. Just 1. Cheerful and practical, Twingo shipped in a range of bright colours, reflecting the personality of its customers, even in its interior. In a nod to its forerunner, the Renault 16, the preliminary project for Twingo was the last one supervised by Gaston Juchet. Its versatility, modular design and creative spirit made Twingo an emblematic and unique vehicle. A compact car, it was just 4. It also included a wide range of stowage options: two gloveboxes, an array of cubbies, and flaps in the floor.

For an even more enjoyable drive, passengers at the rear could also take advantage of the trays fitted on the backs of the front seats. The vast dm 3 boot could be accessed either via the tailgate or the rear window. Since then, two more generations have arrived on the market. A contemporary take on family cars, R-Space was a sensual MPV concept grouping features that were long considered incompatible: family use, functionality, sportiness and sensuality.

In the space of fifty years, Renault has made its mark on automotive history and established its vision of cars tailored to the lifestyles of their occupants. The Renault 16 reviewed the cues of family vehicle design. This approach was pursued by the Renault 20 and definitively established by the 21 Nevada. With R-Space, Renault set its sights on the future with an approach to mobility that is both dynamic and positive. Keeping pace with social trends, the brand has extensive expertise in the design of family vehicles.

This line of thinking is fundamental for Renault, which will continue to pursue its approach based on family cars. Go to: Main Menu Content Footer. Heritage 16 February From the Renault 16 to the R-Space concept, Renault has been building family cars for fifty years. A cross-cutting approach Cutting across the hatchback and commercial vehicle categories, the Renault 16 was exceptionally versatile for its time.

Avant-garde technical solutions The Renault 16 also marked its time with its modern, avant-garde technical characteristics. Car of the Year Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Renault 16 surprised visitors with its offbeat styling. View more. Press General public. About us. Need help?