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Application for Waiver of Court Fees. Order for Waiver of Court Fees. In addition to the above, Illinois Legal Aid Online provides a guided interview that will ask you a series of questions related to this topic and then the program will complete the forms for you.

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Filming Cops On Duty Is Now A Felony In Illinois

Verifications for marriages and divorces can be issued for the period back to , while verifications for civil unions and civil union dissolutions concern the period from to date. One set of public records that are freely available online are records of business entities. The database at the Secretary of State is maintained by the Department of Business Services and includes information about any type of business entity registered in the state of Illinois, including limited liability companies and partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Although the information in this database cannot be copied or downloaded, the Department offers such services in exchange for a fee for certain records depending on statute. If you need a tax registration reference, you have to go to the Illinois Department of Revenue, which offers online search capabilities based on account number or business tax number, federal employment identification number, or Illinois tax license number.

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In the spirit of open government, the Illinois General Assembly website offers ample search resources for records about the legislative process, including bills and resolutions, as well as public acts, and legislative and special reports. Also among the available public records here are transcripts of Senate and House of Representatives proceedings, schedules and journals.

If you need to check your or someone else's voter registration status, you should go to the State Board of Elections, where you can search the records by first and last name and ZIP code. To check the registration status of a vehicle, use the search resources at the Secretary of State.

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A lot of public information is available at the county level, including court case records and property-related documents such as deeds, mortgage records, easements, power of attorney, and liens. To access this information you will need to find the local county authorities in charge of producing and keeping property records.

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It should be noted, though, that not all of them provide online access to the records and when they do, references are sometimes paid. In any case, the agency to start a public record search in a county is the County Clerk or the County Clerk of Court, as well as the County Recorder, which is the office that commonly keeps property and even some local vital records. For yet another shot at retrieving the vital records you need you can also approach the local county unit of the Department of Public Health. Public Records Obituaries.