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Export-Import Bank. Our report found that lending by the CDB and China Ex-Im to the region is newer, larger, and complements lending by their Western counterparts. Since then, Chinese lending has skyrocketed. Chinese loans also concentrate in different sectors than their Western counterparts. An estimated 87 percent of Chinese loans are focused in the energy, mining, infrastructure, transportation, and housing sectors rather than the health, environment, and public administration sectors dominated by the World Bank. Interest rates offered by the CDB and China Ex-Im are comparable to those offered by the World Bank and other export credit agencies, not the sweetheart deals claimed by some.

Export-Import Bank due to government development aid subsidies rather than cutthroat competition. Chinese loans do not impose policy conditionalities, but they require stringent purchase requirements and oil sale agreements. Surprisingly, Chinese banks do operate under a set of environmental guidelines, but those guidelines are not yet on par with their Western counterparts.

With every opportunity comes a challenge. Latin Americans get a new source of finance that gives them better leeway to meet their own development goals. Kevin P.

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What is about to unfold in the coming months is a barrage of party propaganda and news media stories designed to pull the undecided electorate toward one or the other candidates, but the actual content of the messages will surely show the lack of political consciousness in Mexico. A very young and sensationalist media also works against the creation of a politically informed voter base. Mainstream newspapers and TV networks are more interested in covering and making fun of the latest verbal gaffe by one of the candidates than really doing an in-depth analysis of the actual platforms they are running on.

And the worst part is some of the current candidates have caught wind of this so their campaign focus will be less on substance and more on giving the media what they want in order to get more exposure. In his presidency, public spending would likely go up via populist programs, less worried about sustainable finance the way his administration ran Mexico City.

His foreign affairs policies would likely skew away from the globalization dynamic and steer more toward regional bloc building with Latin America. Somewhat ironically, being open about his platform has done very little to help AMLO gain support. According to a recent pol l, his numbers have been stagnant since October despite heavy campaigning. We will likely see her include education and jobs as the cornerstones of her campaign but her views on the economic model might only be inferred from her allegiance to the PAN party.

On her official website , the closest thing to an actual political platform is an invitation to build a national plan through social inclusion and civil participation. Her public appearances follow suit, with statements on how we must build the nation together but lacking substance. His public speeches have been empty and unclear. Besides representing the return of PRI to power, Mexicans have no idea what he stands for or his value proposition. Because Mexicans do not vote based on substance.

Check back every Wednesday for the weekly roundup. Sign up to receive the Weekly Roundup via email. The origin of the fire is unclear, though Honduran press speculated a short-circuit was the cause. Authorities suspect inmates escaped during the blaze. It is the third major prison fire in Honduras in the last decade and one of the deadliest Latin American prison fires in the last quarter century. Just last month, a fire also broke out at a forced detention drug treatment center in Peru, killing She pledged that, if elected, she would pursue constitutional reform.

Her husband also pushed for such reforms before the military ousted him from power in Amid popular speculation that he would seek an unconstitutional second term, Panama's President Ricardo Martinelli signed a pledge on February 14 not to seek reelection. She will be responsible for implementing crime-fighting strategies across Mexico. Insight Crime reports on the U.

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The survey finds the trend continues throughout all income brackets. Forbes attributes the disparity to a higher number of dependents among Hispanics, the sending of remittances, and a lack of financial literacy. Hannon suggests better financial education for all could be the answer. Under the auspices of the U. The report finds that the cost of gang-related crimes ranged from 2. Though the region contains less than 10 percent of the global population, it accounts for 27 percent of homicides worldwide. The report recommends more education and job opportunities for youth, as well as improved law enforcement.

He will face trial when he recovers from wounds suffered during capture. Restrepo allegedly fled the country in January after coming under investigation for faking a demobilization of guerrilla fighters in , as well as aiding drug traffickers and paramilitaries to commit fraud during the demobilization process. He faces up to 12 years in prison. The Atlantic reports that 90 percent of flowers sold in the United States are imported, mainly from Colombia and Ecuador.

Starting February 14, Colombian romantic comedy Lecciones para un beso was available for rent via Facebook. The movie broke box office records in Colombia, where it debuted in April. The Supreme Court demanded the nationwide voter lists in response to a motion filed by a small-town mayoral candidate who noted local electoral irregularities. The treaty will establish a bilateral trade accord, which was terminated when Venezuela withdrew from the Andean Community in Once signed and valid, the pact will eliminate the tariff on 91 percent of the items Colombia exported to Venezuela between and However, officials balked at making an agreement as both sides deliberated over sensitive trade issues.

The Chinese were unhappy about a recent rise in import taxes in the auto sector. Maisonnave believes that China will expect Brazil to adapt to its demands, and not the other way around. On February 13, Rio de Janeiro police and firefighters agreed to end a strike which began late last Thursday after police rejected an offer for a 39 percent pay raise. Thirty officers were arrested during the strike, but the city did not see a rise in crime. A police strike in Salvador, Bahia, also came to an end on Saturday, after the murder rate doubled and army troops came to restore order.

Some feared Rio would also see increased levels of violence and that the strike could continue through Carnival, when thousands of tourists descend on the city. The Brazilian government requested the right to remove content that warns users about police activity, including enforcing radar traps or roadblocks. Argentina has seen bolstered support for its claim over the past weeks from diverse sectors including the Bolivarian Alliance, the Argentine Catholic Church, and U. Because of minimal domestic production, Chile depends on imports for its energy needs: 75 percent of its supply consists of imported fossil fuels.

According to media observers in Panama, Martinelli made the pledge in response to controversial rumors of his desire to run again in a country with strict constitutional prohibitions against consecutive presidential terms. Martinelli challenged members of the opposition to sign a similar document and accused opposition parties of spreading false rumors about his seeking reelection. In addition, Viettel, a Vietnamese telecommunications company, has recently made headway in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

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