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During his four years as Governor he balanced the state's budget. Sullivan is a run-of-the-mill conservative who takes a strong pro-life stance and reportedly could "get on board" with Arnold Vinick's libertarian positions. Sullivan had strong connections to the Christian-right who reportedly approved of all of the Judges he had nominated in his position as Governor of West Virginia. During the Presidential Elections, California Senator Arnold Vinick won the Republican nomination at the end of the primary season. Following this Sullivan was placed at the top of the list of candidates for the Vice Presidential nomination.

Vinick liked the fact that Sullivan was a popular conservative Governor from West Virginia a state that usually voted Democrat. He was also impressed with Sullivan's record for going after big business despite being a Republican and also liked the fact that he was able to balance the state's budget in only four years as Governor.

Although Reverend Don Butler of Virginia was viewed to appeal more to the Republican base due to his position as the runner-up for the Republican nomination, Vinick was apprehensive to name Butler as his running-mate due to the comments Butler had thrown at him during the primaries over Vinick's abortion stance. Vinick also might have privately been against naming Butler as his running-mate because of Butler's position in the church while Vinick didn't profess to having any strong religious views and might have secretly been an atheist.

After a meeting between Butler and Vinick, Butler made it clear to both the Republican candidate and the press that he was not interested in running for the Vice Presidency due to Vinick's stance on abortion.

Matthew Duffer and Ross Duffer L. Plaintiff contended that he disclosed ideas, a short film, and a screenplay that served as the basis for the TV series. In dismissing his case, plaintiff issued a public statement that our clients had created the series long before he ever met them.

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New Line Cinema Corp. Obtained summary judgment on counterclaim regarding rights to The Hobbit. Burrows v. Television L. Wingnut Films, Ltd.

Katja Motion Pictures Corp. StudioCanal Image, S. Artisan Entertainment, Inc.

Philip J. Sullivan | Sullivan, McGibbons and Associates

Batfilm Productions, Inc. First Amendment Byers v. Edmondson, et al. Citizens For Fair Treatment, Inc. Garrison v. Designated lead counsel after class certified. Obtained decertification and settled case on eve of hearing on motion for summary judgment. Lipschutz v. After prevailing on motion for class certification, settled case on terms favorable to clients. Sega of America, Inc. Defeated class certification and convinced plaintiffs to dismiss lawsuit for zero recovery from client.

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Robert Culp

Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. Rezec, et al. C ; Morris v. Sony Corp. Also defended Sony in connection with several related state attorneys general investigations and proceedings. Culp and Cosby reunited one last time on the television show Cosby in an episode entitled "My Spy" , in which Cosby's character, Hilton Lucas, dreams he is Alexander Scott on a mission with Kelly Robinson. Culp worked as an actor in many theatrical films, beginning with three in As naval officer John F.

In , he had a primary role as General Woods in the comedy Combat Academy. Culp played the U. President in Alan J. Pakula 's murder mystery, The Pelican Brief.

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He lent his voice to the digital character Doctor Breen , the prime antagonist in the computer game Half-Life 2. The video clip of " Guilty Conscience " features Culp as an erudite and detached narrator describing the scenes where Eminem and Dr. Dre rap lyrics against each other. He only appears in the music video. In the album version, the narrator is Mark Avery.

Culp wrote scripts for seven I Spy episodes, one of which he also directed. He later wrote and directed two episodes of The Greatest American Hero , including the series finale.

Robert L. Sullivan, Jr.

Culp also wrote scripts for other television series, including Trackdown , a two-part episode from The Rifleman , and Cain's Hundred. Culp married five times and is the father of five children: sons Joshua , Jason , and Joseph , and daughters, Rachel , and Samantha She appeared in four episodes, two of them written by Culp.

Culp and Nuyen also co-hosted the second episode of the infamous TV comedy Turn-On in , but the program was never shown, as the series was cancelled after its first airing. On the morning of March 24, , he left the apartment to go for a walk. Later, a jogger found him lying unconscious on the sidewalk close to the lower entrance of the canyon.

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Police officers and paramedics were summoned quickly, but they were unable to revive him. He was 79 years old. Although the first reports from the police suggested that Culp died from striking his head on the ground when he fell, it was subsequently determined that he had collapsed and died of a heart attack.

The only apparent injury he had sustained in his fall was a minor cut on his head. At the time of his death, Culp had just completed performing a supporting role as "Blakesley" in the film The Assignment. Culp was also working on several screenplays at the time of his death. One of those screenplays, an adaptation of the story of Terry and the Pirates , had already been accepted for filming and was scheduled to start production in Hong Kong in , with Culp directing the film.

Terry and the Pirates had been Culp's favorite comic strip as a boy, and it was his long-time wish to make a film based on it.