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The busiest period is often around 4am when the meatpackers begin arriving for work. Check out this great NY Times article for more info.

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The Square Diner has the strangest name on this list for one simple reason…. Blue with stainless steel trim and an unusual roof, the Square Diner dates to and was once known as the Triangle Diner, according to Forgotten-NY. But the interior is where the Square diner shines: gorgeous wood-paneled walls and ceiling….

Two years ago, I took these pictures for an article on its history :. At that time, it had been out of business for six years and was in horrible shape, but still had a bit of life left. Then I took a look through the fence. Every once in a while, make it a point to close the Yelp app and put your trust in a classic New York diner. If you enjoyed reading this post, would you consider making a donation to help me make my first movie? Click here to donate today! I believe you missed one. What about Star on 18?

I also mourne the demise of diners but was happy to see Star on 18 on Tenth Ave and 18 still shining brightly when I passed by my old neighborhood in mid-January. Still has vestiges of its aluminum on the Chambers street side.

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I love it but I think its more of a breakfast place than a real diner. However, no booths. Just small tables. Is the Skylight Diner on W34th still there? It definitely is there. Nothing against storefront diners, there are some great ones out there! But I drew the line there. I know a number of people who will be interested in this post besides myself of course! I ate at at Terminal when right b4 it closed. It was known as Rib.

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I always assumed Billy was referring to the Empire Diner in his hometown of Hicksville, which has been there roughly since the earth cooled. Having lived in Hicksville as a kid, I can confirm.. The Empire Diner is older than most things on earth. I was mortified when the Empire closed… The owners invited me to the closing party.

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  4. "In a perfect world, every town would have a Diner just like Ruth's".

I honestly had no idea it was back in business. I immediately thought of Star Diner at 10th and 18th as well. And is the Empire still a diner at all,what with the upscaleness of its menu? I went back and forth, but had to concede considering the fare is at least the standard diner menu, if a fancier version, and because it has such a classic exterior. Correct to Pearl Street Diner Information. Diners used to be my hangout of choice, although closer to my home in Brooklyn. The food and service is great, and the prices are fairly moderate for a city diner. I also work near The Terminal and have watched its sad decline to its current state.

In fact, before this recent paneling, I stomped around inside a bit to snag some pics.

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Aside from it being utterly destroyed, someone was living in the kitchen area amongst the strangely left behind kitchen appliances. Sad, but really, not much food traffic near the West Side without all those businesses there. Missed one! Great Blog, that came up on a search, we come across from the UK once or twice a year and spend our first breakfast in the square diner, acclimatizing to the NYC beat before we head off to explore.

But are these the only ones? Surely there are others. Still serves burgers, pancakes, and grilled cheese. See me youtube video of it. Interesting, I was really shocked to see that the Cheyenne had gone!

Bt not for a few years. I came across it around and returned on several other trips to NYC. I thought it was a good sign to see many cabs etc outside. It was unpretentious and civil.

Keep up the good work. The Terminal makes me so sad. Usually no more than a plate-filler thawed and thrown next to a couple eggs. Here the impossibly crispy potatoes get blanketed in and glued together with a generous helping of sharp, locally produced white Cheddar. It's a meal unto itself, but if you're feeling extra frisky you can add bacon, ham, veggies, and eggs to really fill the beast out. Not that you need to. Taken on their own, they more than live up to the legend. Don't skip the pie. But maybe take it to go. You've got some extreme digesting ahead of you, and likely a long drive.

With 15 stools, the space is small, and features an equally diminutive menu: eight breakfast items, four sandwiches, and some side dishes. Satisfied sighs are also invited. Around since , locals-favorite The Pantry is 1. The griddle also spits out incredible blue corn cinnamon cakes and buttermilk pancakes stuffed with berries in the morning, while the kitchen makes the transition to lunch with classics both gringo club sandwiches and New Mexican, including stellar brisket tacos smothered in salsa and the legendary tortilla burger, which is exactly what would happen if a burger and a burrito hooked up.

Way back in the days when Woodrow Wilson was giving the State of the Union address wearing sweet wire-rimmed glasses, a Greek immigrant named James Christakes opened the Fountain as an ice cream parlor and lunch counter.

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This lasted three generations until Y2K, when the family sold the place and the new owners re-focused by putting in a full-service kitchen and updating the dining room. Usually, when the original owners sell, a piece of the place dies with them, but -- if anything -- St. Diner dreams are made of crisp, griddled hash browns and American cheese-covered thin-pattied burgers dripping American cheese, but the crown jewel of these institutions is diner pie. The ice box pies -- there are five standbys: strawberry, coconut, butterscotch, banana, and chocolate, plus the seasonal peach -- are indulgent, decadently sweet, and come buried under a few inches of rich, homemade whipped cream.

New Jersey is basically the diner capital of the world, and this list could have easily been dominated by the Garden State's endless offerings. So what separates Tops from the pack? The most iconic restaurant in New Jersey differentiates itself from a run-of-the-mill diner by being a place where you'd actually want to order seafood it's fresh and is available frequently as a special , as well as the ever-popular meatloaf and beef ribs. Harkening back to the days when "coffee shop" had less to do with cute little flowers in latte foam and everything to do with blue-collar workers perched on stools at a greasy spoon, Travis is a callback to a certain American ideal.

About those burgers: They're among the best in Michigan, simple affairs with grilled onions and a bouncy bun that are great any time, but best enjoyed while sitting on the hood of a car at 3am. If eavesdropping for the inside scoop on where your Derby bets should go is your kind of breakfast activity it's everyone's The star of the simple menu is the predictably named Derby Sandwich, a hot, delicious mess of glazed ham, gooey Swiss, and mayo. Winstead's is one of the classic KC places, a must-stop for nostalgia enthusiasts, but also a place with a pretty damn good burger.

But there is incredible char, the bun melds nicely with the hot cheese and beef, and the onions are cooked in that buttery, peppery diner-style so often emulated, seldom done this wonderfully. Also, they put lime sherbet in their cherry limeade.

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After all, this a classic soda fountain, too. For more information, please contact: Info HighwayRestaurant. Please Call: Join us every second Thursday of the month for Asian Night. For The Table. November 14, subject to change.