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Nine Mile Rd. Big, bustling, and packed with new and used vinyl, this store is a boon to the Ferndale area. It's a great place to get lost for an hour or two while your boyfriend or girlfriend visits a nearby salon or tattoo parlor. The used new arrivals section alone has more records in it than many other stores; it's even alphabetized! Deals abound, and it's easy to get lost here so bring a friend or set an alarm or you might spend all day in the shop.

If you're looking for used jazz, soul, and gospel, this is where to go first. Owner Brad Hales is a talented musician and great believer in hiring local talent for graphics. T-shirts have been designed by obscure train taggers while the many individual 45 boxes were illustrated by Anibal Gonzalez. You have to get buzzed in first, and it feels a bit musty inside. But they do get new almost entirely used stock in daily.

And if you're looking for classic rock, pop, jazz, and soul, the Graveyard absolutely must be on your radar. PRO TIP: Those crates piled up on the ground in front of many of the bins just might have unsorted, recently arrived records in them, so take a careful peek. Monday-Friday, 11 a. Saturday, noon-5 p.

This is a great store for someone just starting to collect records. It's inexpensive; focuses on classic rock, soul, and jazz; and the staff is super kind. And since it isn't a hipster magnet, there are deals to be had for the more serious record nerd.

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If you're looking for the best esoterica, from used krautrock to new reissues of minimal cold wave jams, this is the store for you. Please note that Stormy has moved down the street within the last year. Its new location finds even more records on display, while owners Windy Weber and Carl Hultgren are as friendly and helpful as ever. It's hard to think of a more classic store than Street Corner. They pay well for used records, don't mark them up very much, and the staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. It's worthwhile to visit once a week, if you can. The selection of new vinyl is small, but very well-stocked.

Monday-Saturday, noon-6 p. It might not be the cheapest shop in town, but hot damn do they really put a lot of effort into providing the Detroit area with a wide selection of new releases and new reissues on vinyl. If you like heavy stuff, you need to head here first. Switch to the mobile version of this page.

Detroit Metro Times. Jump to comments. Speaking of Latest in Annual Manual Detroit has a million myths — and some are even true! Mar 15, Most Popular Most Read. November , Vinyl isn't just "back" anymore.

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It's become a consistent bright spot in an otherwise tumultuous music industry, and a continuing boon to local businesses like Ann Arbor's four long-running independent record stores. While U. With more than 14 million albums sold, vinyl was up 9 percent last year over the previous one-year high of 13 million in and made up 14 percent of all physical album sales, as well as 8. With Record Store Day RSD bringing its annual slew of exclusive releases to stores this Saturday, April 21, we checked in with Ann Arbor's record shop owners about what's new, how they've adapted, and what keeps their business interesting.

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Underground Sounds. Liberty St. If vinyl is experiencing a prolonged bubble period, Matt Bradish doesn't see it popping soon. Bradish owns Underground Sounds, the newest of Ann Arbor's four record stores, which moved to East Liberty Street in after first launching in Ypsilanti. Other than a flat year during the recession, vinyl hasn't skipped a beat for Underground since it started coming back around Even in the early '00s, when the music business was figuring out what to do about file sharing and online music sales, Underground's sales steadily grew.

If it were, we'd see a decline by now, but we just don't.

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It's still on the incline, as far as I can tell. Bradish credits his own modest success — even in lean years — to listening and responding to his customers, many of whom are getting younger and savvier about acquiring and caring for their collections. For example, after years of ranting against cheap, general merchandise-store turntables and their destructive needles and overweight tone arms, Bradish says today's customers already know they're "junk.

Like other stores in town, Underground has become something of a community hub. Couples come in on dates and to take engagement photos, and high school seniors have taken graduation photos in the shop too. Bradish takes RSD seriously, which often means long hours in the quick lead-up to the event. Participating shops can request limited-edition titles to stock for the day that help drive foot traffic, but it's a tiered ordering system, and there are no guarantees what exactly will come in.

Bradish guesses he's even lost money some years by over-ordering or getting the wrong titles in. It's a lot of work, but making people happy is always fun. And being your own boss has many rewards," he says, before adding with a laugh, "But one of them is not pay. Wazoo Records.

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State St. While an uptick in vinyl sales has also benefited Wazoo Records, owner John Kerr says the format's popularity poses different challenges. For instance, new unsold records can't be returned, whereas a percentage of new CDs can be. Kerr took over Wazoo more than 20 years ago after having worked there for nearly another The store offers new and used music in most genres on vinyl and CD. Kerr says it's been interesting watching the former continue to gain popularity, even with the prevalence of online music sales and streaming.

Apparently having access to any song ever recorded, more or less for free, was not the musical utopia it was claimed to be. Kerr prefers to sell in-store, but Wazoo also sells online. He says the internet also helps new customers find his shop, which is tucked away on the second floor. The store draws a range of ages, but he has noticed more couples shopping together in recent years.

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The buildup to Record Store Day can be "a bit anxious," Kerr says, but it also helps bring people through his out-of-the-way store. In addition to whatever RSD titles the store gets in stock, Wazoo will have music-related swag and tickets to give away on Saturday. PJ's Used Records. Packard St. In , they combined for significantly less than 10 percent. Taras started PJ's with his brother Mark more than 35 years ago.