Virginia state police sex offender database

Another way of accessing could be through entering an address.


When the address is processed by the computer, a map typically pops up showing all of the people registered on the database living in the area. In short, the registry is highly public.

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When an individual is on the sex offender registry, their name shows up when someone looks for sex offenders in their area. That could make living in a neighborhood or community somewhat uncomfortable for the person who is a convicted sex offender, especially if they turned their life around.

Additionally, potential employers have access to that information. As a result, registration could make it more difficult for a person to secure or maintain gainful employment.

If you or a family member has been accused of a sex crime, reach out to a qualified sex crimes lawyer. Schedule an appointment to learn about the Alexandria sex offender registry and how to combat an accusation.

Sex Offender Registry

The Sex Offender Registry To be placed on the Alexandria sex offender registry, a person must reside in Alexandria and be convicted of a sex crime. Levels of the Sex Offender Registry Generally, a convicted person may be placed on the Alexandria sex offender registry as either a violent or non-violent offender.

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It can also affect your ability to even apply for other jobs. It can further affect where you live.

VWCC :: Students on the Sexual Offender Registry :: Enrollment Center

And then in addition to that, if you fail to register in a timely manner, it can result in further felony charges. All Rights Reserved.

Richmond Sex Offender Registry Information In Richmond and throughout the rest of Virginia, sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault, and child pornography, are treated very seriously and often punished to the full extent of the law. Offenses which require registration can be found at Statutes. Information regarding a particular offender can be submitted through the Tips icon located on each offender's webpage.

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To use the system, click this link or image above and use the filters on the left side of the screen.