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Received general packages and mail is read as frequently as necessary to keep security and safety or monitor a particular problem confronting any inmates. Each prison has a Commissary that serves to provide prisoners a bank account for prisoner money and for purchasing things not issued by the prison.

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Friends, family, or other people can add funds to these Commissary accounts using Western Union or by mail. Via U. It is advisable to use a postal money order, since all non-postal money orders processed through the National Lockbox will be placed on a day hold period, during which the inmate will not get the deposit. The Bureau of Prisons will return to the sender money orders that do not have appropriate inmate info but only if the envelope has an adequate return address.

Inmates are frequently moved to different prisons throughout the New York prison system, so sometimes you may have to find where an inmate is located using the inmate locator.

Click on the link below to find an Willard Drug Treatment Campus prisoner. Inmate Search. Before you visit an inmate at Willard Drug Treatment Campus, you must know the following:.

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Every correctional facility in New York has its own procedures for inmate visitation and these policies change frequently. The visitation guard will ensure each visitor signs the inmate visitors log upon entering the correctional facility and upon departure. Positive picture identification of all visitors is required.

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For all of the points shown below, go to the actual prison facility site as this information is updated often:. If you have any information on these topics to share, please post a comment using the form below. Trying to find a job at a correctional facility?

Have any prior experience? Have you worked at a prison in the past?

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There are a number of services and programs designed to help victims and their families. You can find out about these services by contacting the courthouse, or local law enforcement agency. Here, you will find information about future court hearings, historical court events, and detailed information about the defendant.

This will include criminal charges filed, the outcome of charges, sentence imposed, custody location, projected release date and any other release information.

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The VNS website is updated daily. No new visitors will be allowed in 45 minutes before the end of the visit day. You will be able to visit as often as you would like. If the inmate remains in good standing. If there is a lockdown, no visits will be honored. Willard Drug Treatment Campus was opened in Inmate Search. Sending a Mail.

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Sending Money. Phone calls. Visiting Rules.

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    Inmates can receive mail. Lock Box This service is completely free. Mail to Jail This service is also free, well minus the stamp you will need to send off the money.

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    GTL offers two services, one being pay in advance, and the other is monthly billing. Visiting Hours. How Often Can I Visit? The Department of Correction shall strive to be a global leader in progressive correctional practices and partnered re-entry initiatives to support responsive evidence-based practices aligned to law-abiding and accountable behaviors.

    The Post-Incident Workplace Employee Reference, POWER, Program supports the Department of Correction's initiative of employee wellness by providing support, informational resources, and referrals to victim services, counseling, and trauma-centered services following a critical incident-staff assault. The Division of Parole and Community Services shall enhance public safety by providing offenders with opportunities to successfully re-integrate into the community and be productive, accountable members of society.

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